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About Us

"In business there are a million ways to die and only a few ways to succeed." 

Rated R Group was founded with the goal to help early stage and growing SaaS companies with all the things needed to become a sustainable business.

Start-ups and early stage revenue companies need many things however cannot always afford to pay for top advisors, consultants or executives to grow their company. This is where Rated R Group can help. 

Part incubator, part CXO for rent, part investor, Rated R Group's model is to invest time and money alongside our entrepreneurs. No trick, no games. We are in the boat with you. 

Becoming a member of the Rated R Group means you will have the support you need to make critical decisions and can get honest, unfiltered talk about what to do next. 


We are passionate about growth and accelerating your vision, strategy, culture and operational alignment.  



How we help?

Based on the decades of experience, Rated R Group and our network provide companies:

  • SaaS Corporate Strategy 

  • Angel Investment

  • Creation of Sales & Demand Generation

  • Technology Board of Directors

  • Recruiting, Employment & Culture

  • Strategic Partnerships

  • Management Team Coaching 


Respect people, the community and companies making positive changes in the world. 


Invest and grow customer-funded business models


Connect companies to resources, people and advisors


Target, track and measure the positive outcomes for everyone 

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